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What Will Transport be Like in 2040 in Greater Manchester?

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 11:25:00 BST

Transport in Greater Manchester is changing, with the aim that by 2040, Greater Manchester will have world class connections that support long-term, sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all.

Plans include:

• Encouraging people to use their car less and walk and cycle more for shorter journeys, to help reduce congestion, pollution and accidents.

• Improving transport between and within towns by road, public transport, bike and on foot.

• Safe and welcoming neighbourhoods where people are connected to shops, parks, schools, their place of work and to one another.

• Buses to play a particularly important role in connecting towns.

• Transforming Piccadilly station and additional platforms at Salford Central.

• Additional Metrolink services to take advantage of the new Second City Crossing.

A consultation on the draft Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 runs until 26 September. Comments received during this period will be taken into consideration before the 2040 plan is finalised and published.

To find out more and comment, visit the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

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