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Centre for Primary Care Stair-Climb Challenge

Tue, 29 Mar 2016 14:21:00 BST

Centre for Primary Care (CPC) recently ‘stepped-up’ to a challenge to virtually climb Mount Everest (3,871 floors).

Staff, students and visitors participated in a ‘Take the Stairs’ campaign, recording how many floors of stairs they climbed within the Williamson Building on the way to the CPC offices on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors. Motivational posters were put up in stairwells and near the elevators to encourage people to take the stairs and keep going. Members of the CPC Green Impact team sent out weekly progress updates, which also contained facts about the health, environmental, and time-saving benefits of taking the stairs.

The Everest goal was in sight after week 3 so the Green Impact team came up with an additional challenge to donate £5 to Mountain Rescue England & Wales for every 100 floors over the original aim. Participation was impressive with a total of 4,618 floors climbed – exceeding the Everest goal by 747 floors.

Centre members also ‘stepped-up’ to meet the fundraising challenge by raising a total of £64.03. The Green Impact team at the CPC sees the campaign as a great success and is particularly encouraged by some of the feedback received: “It’s made me walk the stairs and I’ve NEVER walked the stairs before!”

You can find out more about their upcoming activities and campaigns by visiting the CPC events page and scrolling down to the Green Impact section or by following @CPCGreenImpact.

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