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Thu, 21 Sep 2017 11:36:00 BST

HR policy reminder for managers

With over 200 members of staff now volunteering as governors in local schools and colleges, many managers will have colleagues within their teams undertaking this important role.

When the initiative was launched in 2011, it was agreed that a crucial factor in the success of the programme was to have an appropriate HR policy to enable staff to attend school governor commitments taking place during the working day. As a result, additional guidance on school governance was incorporated into the University’s HR Policy on Public Service Leave.

The policy states: "The University will provide reasonable amounts of paid time off work during normal working hours (in addition to annual leave) where necessary.… Line managers would normally be expected to accommodate requests for leave wherever possible, but will also have to be mindful of the effect of such absences on the effective running of service areas. Agreement will not be unreasonably withheld." Reasonable paid time off work is designed to assist staff undertaking core duties essential to the role of a School Governor. These would not normally exceed four or five days per year as a maximum (pro rata for part-time members of staff). Please see the policy guidance for full details.

In addition to contributing to one of the University’s Social Responsibility Signature Programmes, there are also benefits for staff undertaking this role. In a recent survey staff fed back about how their school governor role had enhanced and grown their own skills which they have been able to bring back into their University role. To read the Skills Survey Report 2017 and find out more about the support that staff who are school governors can access, please visit the UMSGI website

Any enquiries relating to the policy or on becoming a governor should be directed to Alison Gregory.

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