From Injustice to Change: Justin Brooks in a thought-provoking lecture on the Power of the Innocence project

Justice stock imageOn Tuesday 4 July 2023, the Manchester Innocence Project welcomed Attorney and Professor of Law Justin Brooks for a public lecture as part of the promotion of his new book ‘You might Go To Prison, Even Thought You’re Innocent’.

Justin Brooks is the Director and Founder of the California Innocence Project, a pro-bono organisation helping the wrongfully convicted and promoting positive change in the justice system. He has dedicated his career the overturning wrongful criminal convictions and the Innocence Network now counts more than 60 organisations worldwide.

Joining the Innocence Network in 2020, the Manchester Innocence Project is one of only 13 non-US-based members and one of just two projects located in England and Wales. This project, which is a collaborative effort between staff and students, focuses on assisting the wrongfully convicted and fostering positive change within the justice system. Students involved in the project gain practical insights into the legal system and the unique challenges faced by those who have experienced a miscarriage of justice.

In addition to their direct efforts in supporting victims of miscarriages of justice, the Manchester Innocence Project also seeks to raise awareness of this issue through the Innocence Podcast. Hosted by Kylie Pentelow, the podcast delves into the stories of individuals whose lives were shattered after being wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit. This year, a new series was released featuring Tom Hedges, one of the Post Office managers falsely implicated in the Post Office scandal.

During his lecture, Justin Brooks reflected on the prevalence of miscarriages of justice and emphasize the significance of the work undertaken by members of the Innocence Network worldwide. The event also provided an opportunity to contemplate global disparities within the judicial system.