How we are helping to create prosperous communities 

A busy town centre scene.We’re unique among UK universities in having social responsibility as a core goal in our strategic plan, Our Future. Our commitment to social responsibility is seen in the difference we make to society and the environment through our teaching, research, public engagement and operations – locally, nationally and internationally. Our Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement Plan has five priorities: social inclusion, prosperous communities, better health, environmental sustainability and cultural engagement. 

Our vision for prosperous communities is to increase economic wellbeing, develop new sectors, innovate, and improve productivity for all people and all areas of our city region. 

We plan to use our anchoring role as a key urban placemaker to enhance healthy, sustainable, inclusive growth and regional prosperity through our research, partnerships, teaching and campus operations. 

We’re using our knowledge and discovery to enhance innovation in key economic sectors of the national and regional economy through initiatives like our Strength in Places programme, the North West Productivity Forum and the ScaleUp Forum. 

We’re working in partnership and share our knowledge and expertise locally and nationally to advance prosperity by prioritising University engagement on national and regional economic policy developments such as the Local Enterprise Partnership and Northern Powerhouse Partnership, North West Business Leadership Team, GM Civic University Board and Innovation GM. 

By supporting our graduates to apply their skills and knowledge gained at the University, we’re also nurturing the skilled professionals of tomorrow from all backgrounds that support the GM and national economy. 


Find out more about our work on prosperous communities: 


  • Read our Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement plan