Join us to buy a farm for Manchester

And be part of creating a fairer more sustainable food system for Manchester and beyond!

Since 2007, the Kindling Trust has been working with communities, farmers, health providers, activists and policymakers to challenge and subvert the industrial food system, a system which fuels the crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and economic inequity.

So many of our University staff and students alike have been supportive of Kindling’s work over the years, whether that be through volunteering with or buying produce from and supporting local partners such as Manchester Veg People.

In these challenging times, the Kindling Trust has some positive, hopeful news and they would love for you to be a part of it. The Trust are buying a farm near Manchester, to establish a pioneering agroforestry farm, owned by its community, as a blueprint for ecological farming in the Northwest. Even more excitingly there are lots of ways for you to get involved – including as a part owner of the farm!

Kindling Farm will greatly increase the amount of organic produce grown locally to Manchester, and that means fresh veg arriving on your plates (and in your veg bags) at the University.

As well as growing more lovely local veg, Kindling Farm is about growing hope. It is about creating a food economy rooted in fairness and sustainability; one that values the farmers and producers of our food, respects and nurtures the land and wildlife, and puts the health and wellbeing of our communities at its heart.

Alison Shedlock, Assistant Director Estates & Facilities, explains: “I am super excited and looking forward to the Kindling Farm. The University is always wishing to support local initiatives that support the community and bring amazing seasonal, local organic veg to serve to our students and staff.”

“It’s so important to the University to reduce our carbon footprint and buying local supports this and ensures we are true to our goal of social responsibility. We have worked with the lovely people at the Kindling Trust for a number of years supporting the creation of Manchester Veg People and Veg Box People and it has always been a positive experience”

There are lots of ways to get involved, through tree grafting workshops to help create our agroforestry system, spreading the word about our community share offer, or buying shares yourselves to become members of Kindling Farm. And in the future we look forward to inviting you to visit the farm itself, to plant some trees or simply enjoy being outside.