JustFest Presents: The Volunteering and Social Justice Festival

Tuesday 18 October 2016, saw the launch of JustFest Presents: The Volunteering and Social Justice Festival, an event aimed at inspiring students to take action in their communities, the UK and beyond.

Over 1,000 students attended and were given the chance to find volunteering opportunities and engage with social justice issues through performances, talks and an exhibition featuring over 120 volunteering, not for profit organisations and student societies.

Following on from the Sustainability Challenge, this was the first chance for 1st year Undergraduate Students to secure volunteering opportunites which would count towards the Manchester Leadership Award. The Festival was open to all students interested in volunteering and social justice.

The festival is part of the University’s Ethical Grand Challenges, a signature programme which provides students with opportunities to engage with three of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st Century; sustainability, social justice and workplace ethics.

JustFest was a large collaboration between the Student Development and Community Engagement Division (SDCE) and the Students’ Union (SU) and was the begining of a series of fringe events running throughout the year.

The day ended with an evening event hosted by the Students’ Union which saw the signing of a joint pledge by the SU and The University of Manchester, to work towards ending homelessness.

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