Projects supported by the 10,000 Actions fund

In February the 10,000 Actions fund was launched to support staff with projects that may have been inspired by taking part in 10,000 Actions. Six projects were awarded funding and we will publish the results of these later on in the year. The successful applications were:

  • Alex Walton, FSE: to reduce the number of pumps on an ultrahigh vacuum from five to one, predicted to reduce the energy consumption of the instrument by 60% without compromising its operation.
  • Gary Burns, FSE: part-funding to refurbish existing furniture in the staff common room to prolong the life of wooden framed chairs. This project will be used as a case study to encourage others to refurbish existing furniture instead of buying new.
  • Laura Knighton, FSE: bird boxes to be installed at Jodrell Bank to maintain and increase the bird population.
  • Minsung Kim, FBMH: improve the design and layout of the Firs botanical grounds in Fallowfield using student groups to help input into the development. The site will be available for outreach events with local schools and community groups.
  • Marie Conaghan, PSS: transform the concrete area outside 186 Waterloo Place to create a model for the rest of the University in how biodiversity can be enhanced through action in small areas. Information will be displayed about what has been done and why to act as inspiration and a prototype for what can be achieved with modest spaces and budgets.
  • Joe Beesco-Cope, FSE: create a local green space in the George Begg building to create a space for both staff and students to enjoy and engage with in line with the University‚Äôs living campus plans. We are still awaiting confirmation that this project will go ahead due to space requirements.

The 10,000 Actions fund will be open again for applications in the new academic year. If you have taken any action on sustainability then please remember to update your action plan.