The Big Bike Revival: Bringing bikes back from the brink

With the impact of Covid-19, the number of people finding cycling is a safe and mentally and physically beneficial way to travel has grown. The Big Bike Revival – which is now in its sixth year – has been extended to provide free repairs and maintenance, to communities across England at Dr Bike sessions where you can get your bike fixed up for free.

The University of Manchester is participating in The Big Bike Revival delivering a series of pop-up Dr Bike sessions to help staff and students give their bikes a new lease of life. We are encouraging those that can to walk or cycle to campus to help free up space on public transport for those who need to use it and to relieve pressure on campus car parks.

The scheme, funded by the Department of Transport, aims to ensure that everyone who has been inspired by seeing more people out and about on two wheels in the streets and paths where they live has the chance to experience the joy of cycling, confident in the knowledge that their newly checked bike won’t let them down.

We are working with local bike mechanics, Revolve MCR, to carry out safety checks and minor repairs. If bikes require more substantial repairs the Government’s £50 Repair Voucher scheme can help. The first batch of vouchers have been allocated but more vouchers are set to be released.

See The Big Bike Revival: Pop-up repair service for more details and locations of participating bike projects.