Training the next generation of African pharmacology researchers

Thu, 18 Feb 2021 11:15:00 GMT

Health research on diseases affecting African populations has a history of being carried out by non-Africans. The unrelenting burden of infectious diseases across Africa, often treated using medicines with narrow effectiveness contribute to significant threats to millions of patients.

Prof. Leon Aarons and Dr Kayode Ogungbenro, working with PmxAfrica a non-profit organisation, aim to change this through training the next generation of African researchers in advanced pharmacology, examining the effects of medicines on living systems - thus creating a critical mass of researchers within African countries.

Using a combination of online and face to face teaching, trainees use state of the art software for pharmaceutical medicine modelling, gaining skills otherwise not possible. Funded by Novartis and the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, the project recently marked 10 years since its inception. Based on its success, the material is being adapted to a freely available resource, to ensure health benefits to African populations.

Prof. Leon Aarons a Professor of Pharmacokinetics and Dr Kayode Ogungbenro is Senior Lecturer in Cancer Pharmacometrics.

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