Malham Tarn trip to encourage local pupils into university and science

Mon, 21 Jan 2019 15:36:00 GMT

"What is that massive insect thingy in the water?!" The words from a pupil, iPhone in hand, stood precariously in the middle of the stream where an invertebrate river-sampling activity was taking place.

The stream is a subsidiary to Malham Tarn, a lake in the Yorkshire Dales, and the pupil one of 45 from Trinity High School visiting the area for the second year running, hosted by staff from the Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health. The aim of the weekend is to inspire pupils to think about furthering their education, via university and in particular consider careers in science and healthcare.

Located a stone’s throw away from the main University campus, Trinity School has inner-city status, with many of the pupils living close by, far away from the beauty and serenity of the countryside, with some never having left Manchester before. With academics and University staff leading the event, pupils were given the opportunity to chat in small groups during a careers evening, and also more informally during science-oriented field activities.

A lively campfire on the Saturday evening really highlighted the inspiration that the event has sparked, with pupils taking it in turns to describe what they had enjoyed most from the weekend.

One pupil said: “I thought I wanted to be a surgeon before this weekend but talking with the University of Manchester people made me realise there is lots of different things I can do that involve Science and helping people”.