The University of Manchester Worldwide East Asia Centre

Wed, 24 Mar 2021 09:12:00 GMT

The University of Manchester Worldwide East Asia Centre has recently reached multiple social responsibility milestones earning plaudits from two major organisations. From fundraising endeavours to championing work-life balance, the Centre has consistently striven to meet people’s educational needs while contributing towards the creation of a more compassionate society.

Aligning with the University’s strategic goal, the East Asia Centre has proactively participated in various social responsibilities activities since 2006 by collaborating with local professional institutions, NGOs and our alumni association for charitable fundraising and voluntary services. It has grown in depth and scale.

In late-February, the Centre was awarded an SDG World Record Certificate in the “Most Participation for Rethinking Education and Shaping the Future” category. This was due to the University’s sponsorship and support of the “Futures of Education for Industry 4.0 and Beyond” Forum. The Forum was organized by UNESCO, the University Strategic Partner, HK Association Glocal Peace Centre, with the aim of facilitating a dialogue over educational reforms in the digital age. Moderated by Global MBA alumna Donna Buckland and featuring sharings by a series of renowned academics and industry professionals, including alumnus Mr. Dennis Shi, CEO of Mojodomo, the event drove forward changes to local educational systems, benefiting future generations. The Centre also participated in the UNESCO Charity race by encouraging our stakeholders to improve their well-being, both physically and psychologically.

The Centre has initiated various charity events with the Manchester Business School Alumni Association following the sustainable development goal (SDG) on well-being, benefiting the needy during the difficult times in 2020. With the nomination by the NGOs, the Centre received the Caring Company Award for two consecutive years. This award is given to companies that recognise and promote corporate social responsibility.

Not only do we have a high degree of support for such initiatives amongst alumni and student members, but also we nurture our stakeholders to be socially responsible business leaders. The Centre has high hopes that our graduates will continue along the same paths in the future.