HCRI’s 10 year anniversary launch

Thu, 17 May 2018 15:28:00 BST

May 2018 marks the launch of HCRI’s 10 year anniversary. The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) was founded in 2008 by colleagues across disciplines such as history, medicine, development studies and drama. From its original four students in 2009/10, HCRI has grown over the last ten years to become a leading global centre for the study of humanitarianism, global health and international disaster management. Together with UK-Med, a non-governmental organisation, HCRI has responded to disasters and epidemics across the world, including the devastating earthquake in Haiti, 2010, and the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, 2014.

HCRI also has longstanding collaborations with humanitarian organisations including Save the Children, International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Mines Advisory Group. In 2016, HCRI became a collaborating centre of the World Health Organisation.

The anniversary celebrations commenced with a spotlight celebration at the Social Responsibility Making a Difference Awards on 1 May. To celebrate the last decade of humanitarian research, teaching and learning, HCRI are curating a programme of events that highlight their past achievements, and look towards the future of humanitarianism.

The inaugural event took place on Wednesday, 16 May, with a film screening of PILI.