Manchester Science Festival and MOSI are pleased to announce that the nominations for the sixth Josh Award are now open.

The aim of the award is to recognise up-and-coming talent in science communication, nurture their development in the field and support their involvement in Manchester Science Festival. The objectives are to recognise one outstanding contributor to science communication each year, to assist them in the development of an innovative project or event for Manchester Science Festival as Science Communicator in Residence and award them a personal budget for this and to support their development through networking and skills training.

The award is open to all science communication practitioners with up to three years experience. Science communicators can be full-time, part-time, or practise science communication through various aspects of their jobs, e.g. as a researcher at a University. The nominee will be involved in practical development and delivery of activities, events and activities inspiring audiences with science. They must have the ambition to become a professional science communicator.

We welcome applications from individuals and groups. All nominees must have less than three years experience in the field at the application deadline.

The Award is open to anyone involved in science communication in the UK (and is a UK resident).

You can find more information including details of how to apply at:

Applications close 5pm Monday 28 January 2013.