Community Festival (Fair) 2024

Ever fancied programming your own robot, hunting for meteorites or exploring how our amazing hearts work?

Our brilliant Community Fair is jam-packed with interactive activities for all ages. Whether you’re interested in science, arts, engineering or history, there’s plenty of hands-on fun and opportunities for discovery and play.

Budding scientists can drive a LEGO Mars Rover, peek inside our wonderful brains or enter a world of virtual reality. Bring out your inner artist through creative and crafty activities including ‘found poetry’, screen printing tote bags, clay making and face painting. And for those with energy to burn, there will be a series of sporting challenges, circus skills, a climbing wall and helter-skelter to whiz down.

The Community Fair is a great way to find out what we do at The University of Manchester and why we do it – all while having a heap of fun!

Explore our exciting and varied programme, by venue, below:

Alliance Manchester Business School

Engineering building A

  • Space Rocks
  • Virtual Reality: An Interactive Experience
  • LEGO Rovers
  • Physics Babies: Particle Physics for Babies and Toddlers
  • Penguin Parade: All About Penguins
  • Fabric Forensics: The Microscopic World of Our Wardrobe
  • How to Mend a Broken Heart
  • Game Changers: The Dynamic World of Sports Garments
  • How Did Life End Up with the ‘Handedness’ (Chirality)?
  • Exploring the Universe with Jodrell Bank
  • Radical Reactions: Chemistry in the Everyday
  • Living In a Low Carbon Future
  • Engineering Atom-by-Atom: The Science of the Very Small
  • Make Your Own Motor

Henry Royce Institute Hub building

University of Manchester Students’ Union

University Place

  • Deaf Discovery: Engage and Explore with Deaf Researchers (BSL enabled)
  • Screen Print Your Own Immunology-Inspired Tote Bag
  • Electric Dreams: Hands-on Engagement with 1980s Technology
  • Microbes and You
  • The Hidden World of Microbes
  • Basic Life Support: An Introduction
  • Keeping Lungs Healthy
  • To Clean or Not to Clean: A Microbiology Experiment
  • Tiny Materials for New Medicines
  • The Hidden World of Killer Fungus
  • Hidden Heroes: Animals in Science
  • How to Take Care of Your Teeth
  • Amazing Hearts: How to Keep Them Healthy
  • ‘Antibiotics Cure Toothache’… Right??
  • Scarring on the Inside and Outside: Understanding Our Scars
  • Brain Bits: Learning How the Brain Works
  • The Story of Cancer Research
  • Sound Advice: Top Tips for Healthy Ears
  • Empower Your Health: Unlocking Wellness with Simple Solutions
  • Exploring Health Psychology: Making Decisions About Our Health
  • Promoting Healthy Communities
  • Frogs, Maths and Microscopes
  • What Makes Our Tissues Stretchy or Stiff?
  • Getting Rid of Viruses: Immune Cells at Work
  • Make Your Own Cress Head
  • Trees for Life: A Family Drop-in
  • Skin and Bones