I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! is an award-winning online event allowing students (from 9 – 18) to interact with real live scientists. You can now apply to take part in the next event, running Monday 7 to Friday 18 March 2016.

How does it work?
Students challenge the scientists over intense, fast-paced, online live chats. Then they ask the scientists all the questions they want to, and vote for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public. So if you are up for the challenge of working with students in this online X Factor-style competition, then sign up.

How much time will it take?
Most scientists say they spend around 2 hours a day on the event; 1 hour on live chats and another hour answering students’ questions, which can be during the evening, outside of the work day.

What’s in it for you?
You further develop your communication skills, gain a fresh perspective on your work, and find out what young people think about science and the role of scientists. It’s also a lot of fun. One scientist in every zone wins £500 to be spent on a science communication project of their choice.


Hint: The most important part of your application is the one sentence description of your work. We ask students and teachers to rate the sentences, to help guide who gets in. So have a think how you would describe your work to a 13 year old.