Fun Palaces are about arts and sciences, crafts and technologies, community and culture; we believe in everyone an artist, everyone a scientist.


Last year we created a different kind of writing competition, one that’s about sharing and engaging, bringing arts and sciences together to create, and taking that work back to our local communities, from the many entries, our panel chose six brilliant poets to share their work at Fun Palaces events across the UK, and their writing was highlighted on the BBC Get Creative site.

We have no categories – all ages, any writers, any scientists (and any combinations of both) are very welcome.

What you do: First, find your partner: if you are a writer, find a scientist; if you are a scientist, find a writer. Talk to them about what they do, how they do it, why they love it. Then singly or between you, write a fictional piece about it, 250 words maximum. A poem, a short story, a spoken word piece. Whatever works best for you.

The conversation is key – write something that explores what is sparked in you by having a new conversation. Make it a piece of writing that can be shared – spoken, declaimed, whispered, shouted, painted, broadcast, scribbled, drawn, animated, acted, filmed – a piece of work that wants to leap off the page, out of the mouth, into the world. Fun Palaces are about creating with neighbours, making with people in our own communities – so try to speak to someone local to you. This is a chance to make new work, where you live.

There’s more information, including eligibility criteria and the judging panel, here:

Deadline is 31 July 2016.

Hashtag: #writescience