Manchester City Council have launched their International Women’s Day Awards 2017. The awards aim to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women, promote role models, raise aspirations and tackle the under representation of women in many areas of work.

The awards are open to individual women or groups of women who have worked tirelessly over the last 2 years or more to promote the issues that are important to women and help improve the lives and life chances of women in the city of Manchester.

The awards:

  • Our Manchester Women – Outstanding Woman: a woman/group of women who through her job or voluntarily has improved the lives of either a community of place or a community of interest within the city.
  • Our Manchester Women – Business of the Year: outstanding business woman who has promoted and improved skills, training and employment opportunities for women.
  • Our Manchester Women – Intergenerational Award: outstanding woman/group of women who have promoted positive working relationships with women from different age groups.
  • Our Manchester Women – Community Award: outstanding woman/group of women whose work has had a positive lasting impact on either a community or place in the city.

The deadline for nominations: Friday 9 December 2016.

For more information and how to nominate:

Posted by Suzanne Spicer, Social Responsibility Manager, Office for Social Responsibility , The University of Manchester