Hello North-west England, long time no see! How have you been? We hope you’re up for some more museum-related showing off!

We’re going to be back in Manchester at the People’s History Museum on Thursday 29 May for more top NW museum action. We’re looking for curators, explainers, conservators, trustees, directors, designers, volunteers, critics, visitors services assistants, visitors, funders academics…or anyone else with something to show off about museums.

If you would like 9 minutes to tell us anything about museums in any way you like, sign up here:


If you’re wondering what this Showoff malarkey is all about, and whether you should take part, look here: http://museumsshowoff.wordpress.com/about/

A big thanks to the People’s History Museum, the Institute for Cultural Practices and Manchester Histories Festival for helping to make this gig happen.

Source Acknowledgement: http://museumsshowoff.wordpress.com