The Academy of Medical Sciences runs three-month policy internship schemes for PhD students who are funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) or the Wellcome Trust.

Students spend three months at the Academy offices in central London. The scheme is designed to give students first-hand experience of the medical science policy environment, to gain insights into how research can impact on policy, and to build valuable networks with the UK’s most eminent medical scientists and key science and health stakeholders.

Interns are supported by a three-month extension to their PhD stipend.

Applications for the Medical Research Council 2014/15 policy internship scheme will open on Monday 16 September. The closing date is 5pm on Friday 1 November 2013.

Please contact Dr Naho Yamazaki on
or 020 3176 2168 with any queries related to the MRC internship scheme.

The next round of applications for the Wellcome Trust scheme will open in spring 2014. More details will be available nearer the time. Please contact Dr Richard Malham on or 020 3176 2152 with any queries related to the Wellcome Trust internship scheme.