We are pleased to announce the next Research Staff Association session, which will be about public engagement. The session will present three speakers, from across the university, who will share their PE experience and expertise, and answer your questions.

All research staff are welcome!

Public Engagement for Research Staff: what is it, why it matters and how to organise your own events

12.00-12.50, Wednesday 9 October 2013, University Place, 5.212

  • What Public Engagement (PE) is, types of PE activities and why PE matters
  • How to organise public events
  • Where to find funding for PE events
  • How to get others in your department to join in
  • How to communicate effectively with the public about your research
  • PE with children and young people via schools
  • PE with retired and semi-retired people via the University of the 3rd Age (U3A)


  • Dee-Ann Johnson, Communications Officer, EPS Graduate and Researcher Development
  • Ceri Harrop, Public Engagement Programme Manager, Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Karen Hassell, Professor of Social Pharmacy, Manchester Pharmacy School

Posted on behalf of Sarah King-Hele, On behalf of The University of Manchester Research Staff Association