Our students, staff and alumni give their time to support a wide range of activities in the local community.

The majority of these activities are focused on supporting less advantaged or vulnerable individuals and groups in our most immediate communities in Greater Manchester.

Student volunteering

We have a dedicated Volunteering and Community Engagement Team at the University that works in partnership with community and not-for-profit organisations to source voluntary opportunities for our students, and support them to contribute successfully.

We are committed to ensuring that the volunteering we offer our students is needs-led by our partner organisations and benefits our community.

We offer community organisations, charities and not-for-profit organisations a wide variety of free services to enable volunteers to be recruited. These include advertising through our online Volunteering Vacancy Service, hosting volunteer fairs and other recruitment events and developing and supporting one-off volunteering events and projects, as part of the Manchester Leadership Programme, in partnership with organisations.

We also support a wide range of organisations through our sports volunteer scheme.

Our Students’ Union houses Student Action. This supports and empowers students to participate in and manage their own community projects that help to make a meaningful and beneficial contribution to people in our local community.

Staff volunteering

We encourage and support our staff to contribute their time and expertise in a range of ways.

Through out award-winning School Governor Initiative, where staff and alumni are volunteering their expertise as part of state school and college governing bodies. Please contact us if you know a school that would benefit from a member of staff or a former student on a governing body.

Our Sports Volunteers support sport across Greater Manchester, helping people start, stay and succeed in sport. If your sports organisation needs volunteers, please contact us.

Many of our staff mentor prospective local students as part of the Manchester Access Programme.

Through voluntary team challenges in the local community such as Give and Gain Day.

Alumni volunteering

Our alumni – former students of the University – also support a range of specific causes and initiatives. These range from supporting local state schools through becoming a state school governor and by supporting current students to find employment.