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Our research is addressing inequalities in work and employment outcomes, policies, processes and practice.

Based in the Alliance Manchester Business School, our European Work and Employment Research Centre (EWERC) and Fairness at Work Research Centre (FairWRC) investigate inequalities and injustices in the contemporary world of work and employment.

We carry out and stimulate cross-disciplinary research from the areas of economics, sociology, psychology, law and management studies. We ensure our research resonates with practitioners and policy-makers in the private, public and voluntary sectors across our city region of Greater Manchester, as well as nationally and internationally, through our wide range of external research partners and advisory boards.

Within EWERC we focus on the following themes: gender, welfare and care; globalisation and comparative employment systems; industrial relations and decent work; and managing the changing workplace.

Within FairWRC we have prioritised the following themes dignity at work; fair pay and employment practices; gender and diversity; health and well-being; technology; voice, representation and trade unions.

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