360 degree tour of our botanical gardens

Ever wondered what happens at the University’s botanical gardens? Maybe you have never even knew we had such a facility?

The Firs is located on the University’s Fallowfield campus, approximately three miles south of the main campus. Historically, the site was part of Sir Joseph Whitworth’s gardens where he carried out tests during the development of his famous Whitworth rifle and the site houses a suite of facilities for environmental research and monitoring.

The Firs environmental research station has recently undergone a major redevelopment with an investment of £2million from the University’s endowment fund which has enabled the creation of state of the art greenhouse facilities that are being used for issues relating to food security and climate change.

As part of the University’s activities in the run up to COP26, a new 360-degree tour will enable the viewer to travel through the greenhouses, select plants and hear stories and facts about them. The greenhouses have a rich legacy of research and house an exciting array of plants from all over the world.

The virtual tour acts as a gateway to the site as physical visits have been limited recently but by producing this online resource, children (and adults!) across the world will be able to explore the numerous biomes at the Firs. Habitats, photosynthesis, plants and climate change all feature in key stage 1&2 and GCSE curricula, providing a fabulous interactive resource for schools engagement.