The politics of ‘weaponising’ antimicrobial resistance

In support of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, the University’s ‘Action on Drug Resistance‘ is delighted to announce that this year’s annual lecture will be given by Dr Jennifer Hobbs on Wednesday 18 November. Dr Hobbs completed her doctoral studies at The University of Manchester.

Overview of the event

Dr Hobbs will discuss how the increasing priority given to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by policy makers has brought a host of militarised metaphors to the ‘fight’ against AMR. As our ‘armoury’ of treatments becomes increasingly bare when faced with newly resistant diseases, militarised languages do a good job of commanding attention, but bring a host of pitfalls of their own.

Drawing on insights from feminist science studies, this talk considers the politics of ‘weaponising’ the discourse around AMR. What do such military languages reveal and hide in our discussions about AMR and what are the consequences for the future?

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The session will run via Zoom, details will be sent upon registration.