The University of Manchester and Living Wage Foundation

The University of Manchester is pleased to announce that it has taken the decision to apply to be accredited with the Living Wage Foundation.

The LWF is recognised as a forum for leading employers and service providers committed to fair pay and the University welcomes the chance to join this conversation alongside other major organisations. We are determined not only to participate in the Living Wage itself, but to use this national forum to encourage policies and practices which are an important part of helping people to lead fulfilling and rewarding work lives.

In announcing this decision we’d also like to highlight that we already pay our staff more than the minimum hourly rate recommended by the LWF and have done for a long time. We also offer a whole range of additional benefits such as family friendly-policies, generous pensions, sick pay and annual leave allowances.

We are strongly committed to a good pay and benefits package to attract and retain the best staff.

In recent weeks it has become clear that formal accreditation is important to staff and students and so, after listening to their views, we will seek to become accredited as soon as possible.

Commenting on the decision, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, said: “We are one of the largest employers in Manchester with a commitment to social responsibility as a core goal and it is clearly important to our community of staff and students that we set an example. Joining the LWF makes a declaration that reinforces our practice of offering excellent pay and working conditions, and gives us a new opportunity to be part of the national conversation about the benefits that good pay and working conditions bring to individuals and wider society.”