The power of place in tackling poverty

While many of the main drivers to tackle poverty lie with the central government, partners across sectors and local authorities can play a significant role in boosting local living standards. Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) is a recognised leader on poverty in the UK and exists to end poverty in Greater Manchester and beyond. They deliver independent, evidence-based activities to address socio-economic disadvantage.

Researchers interested in poverty should be aware that The University of Manchester has a partnership with Greater Manchester Poverty Action, and through this partnership, we would like to extend an invitation to their conference – The Power of Place in Tackling Poverty – taking place on Thursday, 14 March, in central Manchester.

The day-long conference aims to explore the powerful role that places can play in poverty reduction. It will examine the strategic and policy responses that can be implemented at a regional and local level to tackle poverty and make a difference in communities.

The purpose of the event is to bring people together to identify ways in which we can maximize the potential of local stakeholders from across sectors to address poverty. The conference will feature contributions from local, regional, and national experts, including Kate Green, Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester; Debbie Abrahams MP (member of the Work and Pensions Select Committee); Hayley Lever of Greater Sport; Abi O’Connor of the New Economics Foundation; Jess McQuail from Just Fair; and Justin Watson from the YPF Trust.

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