First ever museum sector-specific Carbon Literacy toolkit launches

Wed, 19 Jan 2022 09:52:00 GMT

The first ever museum sector-specific Carbon Literacy toolkit launched on 24 January. This is a part of Roots & Branches, a unique environmentally driven partnership project between Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester, Museum Development North West (MDNW) and The Carbon Literacy Project.

Over two years, 1,500 museum professionals and volunteers will participate in training and certify as Carbon Literate. This is foundational work supporting staff, volunteers and partners to build more understanding and awareness and take positive, informed climate action and decisions. The project will also see 300 museums developing organisational pledges to take action against climate change.

All museums in the UK will be able to access the toolkit for free from the 24 January via The Carbon Literacy Project website. For people working and volunteering in accredited non-national museums in England, there will be opportunities to attend free Carbon Literacy courses delivered by regional Museum Development providers. There will also be additional support to help museums roll out the training to staff through Train the Trainer workshops.

Roots & Branches is supported with £136,750 of Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant funding and aims to accelerate the museum sector’s ability to respond to the climate crisis.

The ‘branches’ of the project represents an environmentally aware and active museums sector, giving museums the tools to respond to environmental sustainability and climate change.

Manchester Museum will host the ‘roots’ of the project by creating a nationally significant co-working hub of cultural environmental action that will bring together museum staff, educators, environmentalists, artists, researchers, third sector organisations and students. This is being coordinated by an innovative new post, Environmental Action Manager, shared between Manchester Museum and The Carbon Literacy Project.