Oral histories of Black and Asian midwives inspire new generation

Mon, 22 Mar 2021 09:38:00 GMT

Earlier this month Christine Furber, Reader in Midwifery and Catherine Millan Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Officer Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Officer released their book With Women. The two members of staff at the University worked together with nine midwives of Black and Asian heritage working in Manchester and collected their stories in a new book to encourage young people from the communities to join the profession.

The project which was carried out in collaboration with the University, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Loreto High School and Royal College of Midwives collaboration aims to increase numbers of student midwives from Black and Asian heritage.

The book, entitled With Women, was largely put together by young people from Loreto High School in Manchester with the support of midwives from the region.

Many women in the UK from Black and Asian backgrounds and have needs that are culturally specific when they give birth. Research shows that midwives from a similar heritage to women they care for can improve their experience in hospital resulting in a safer birth.

Noting that low numbers of student midwives are of Black and Asian heritage, this project involves promoting midwifery as a career to young people of colour.

The book is about the journey Manchester midwives have taken to become a midwife and describes their background, education and current roles.

It will be shared with young people across the country and is supported by Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, Chief Midwifery Officer for England who has written the foreward.