World’s first Carbon Literate Labs

Thu, 20 Sep 2018 13:25:00 BST

The University of Manchester will play host to the world’s first laboratories to receive Carbon Literacy training.

The University’s ‘Carbon Literacy for Labs’ initiative, the first of its kind, will deliver highly relevant, value-led climate change learning to lab staff and students, driving low-carbon choices and ways of thinking across campus.

As The University of Manchester is the first university to be a Carbon Literate Organisation, and also has the first Carbon Literate museum in the world, there is no better place to be piloting this exciting initiative, which is set to rollout in October and November 2018 with the first session launching on the 19 October, to align with Great Green Britain Week.

Project lead Virginia Harvey, says: “Carbon Literacy for Labs is a low-carbon culture change initiative, delivering relevant climate change knowledge, effects and solutions to laboratory groups at the University of Manchester. This is a course for everyone, designed to inspire and promote sustainable laboratory choices and behaviours. It will also align with the high profile climate change initiatives of other major employers such as Unilever and Jacobs.”

A certified Carbon Literate lab should expect to reduce its energy use; consumption of materials and chemicals; equipment wear and therefore save grant money. A Carbon Literate lab should also display its values clearly when seeking research grants.

Carbon Literacy for Labs is a day’s worth of certified climate change learning, fully accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project. The University’s 10,000 Actions initiative also has an accredited route to become Carbon Literate.

For more information about this initiative please contact Virginia Harvey or for more general information about The Carbon Literacy Project, visit the Carbon Literacy website.