Stories from the NHS frontline

Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:49:00 BST

Alliance Manchester Business School’s Naomi Chambers, Professor of Healthcare Management, has co-authored a major new book which details first-hand experiences of the NHS today.

Naomi’s new book contributes to important arguments about better health and improving the service and care provided by the NHS in the post-COVID era.

Organising care around patients, Stories from the frontline of the NHS features true accounts of experiences of the NHS from carers, people with mental health difficulties, those suffering debilitating long term conditions, and those enduring difficulties associated with older age. The book is a call to action for healthcare professionals, managers and politicians to reframe the NHS so that it can provide more patient-centred care, while also setting out a vision of a post Covid-19 NHS.

Professor Chambers co-authored the book with Jeremy Taylor, Director for Public Voice at the National Institute for Health Research. She said: “Healthcare aims to be patient-centred but a large gap remains between the fine words and the reality. Care often feels designed for the convenience of the organisations that deliver it, and not enough around patients and their families, or even around the frontline staff who provide it. Why does this happen? What does it feel like? And what can be done about it? This book stimulates reflection on these questions by listening closely to those at the frontline.”

Read more about the book here.