Celebrating our graduates making a difference

Each year, over 17,000 students graduate from The University of Manchester, many of whom are already making contributions to our city and beyond through healthcare, education and protecting the natural environment.

In December, we held our winter graduation, with over 4,000 students graduating from a variety of disciplines such as mental health nursing, public policy, biotechnology and much more.

Since the University’s foundation, social responsibility and delivering civic impact have been at the heart of our values and our students play a huge role in this. Our students make an active contribution to local communities here in Manchester as well as nationally and internationally.

With over 45,000 students and 550,000 alumni, what our graduates go on to do as future citizens and professionals plays a major role in creating a fairer, more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

During winter graduation, we asked our students ‘how do they hope to make a difference following their degree?’ Here’s what they had to say:

Felix, from the Faculty of Humanities, is graduating with a Master of Science in International Development: Politics, Governance, and Development Policy. Together with his wife, he is “setting up a consultancy to use film and research to elevate community and individual narratives across the world.


Aaliyah, from the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, is currently working as a children’s nurse on a general children’s unit. She says she hopes to “help people who are going through vulnerable situations by being there to provide the support and care they need.


Nqobizitha, an Equity and Merit scholar graduating with a master’s degree in international development, is currently working in civil society in Zimbabwe. He hopes to make a difference by assisting Zimbabwe in developing a debt-clearing strategy to ensure our public debt is manageable.

See all this and more in our winter graduation films:

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