Climate Control at Manchester Museum

From May – September, Manchester Museum will be staging a major programme of exhibitions and events on the theme of climate change. This forms the Museum’s main contribution to the city’s time as European City of Science (ECOS).

While politicians agreed in December that action is needed to address climate change, civil society organisations such as the Museum play a key role in helping people turn ambitions around an equitable and sustainable future into reality. Rather than retelling doom and gloom stories of melting ice-caps and rising sea-levels, the exhibitions and events focus on the idea that we can’t change the past but we can change the future. The emphasis is on encouraging critical thinking, creative solutions, and exploring what kind of world we want to live in.

The Museum has developed partnerships with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (supported by an EPSRC Impact Accelerator Award), the newly formed Global Development Institute, and many academics, students and local organisations involved with climate change impacts and science. It has also developed a strong partnership with Manchester Climate Change. Through this triangulation of academic research, public engagement, and public policy and strategy, Museum-goers take part in imagining and beginning to realise a low carbon future. This work will continue beyond this year as a legacy of ECOS, as the Museum has a commitment to helping people, the city and society work towards a sustainable world.

Climate Exchange

Climate Exchange is a key part of the Climate Control public programme offering a daily opportunity for visitors to the Museum to have structured conversations about Climate Change. It will take place in a dedicated space, within either the Climate Control exhibition or in the Living Worlds Gallery.

Be part of the Climate Exchange public programme

We are looking for academics, students, designers, architects, growers, campaigners, sustainability enthusiasts and thinkers who would like to take part in Climate Exchange. We’re looking at Climate Change in the broadest possible sense – from historical change, weather, impact on the future, future buildings, transport – anything linked with the local and global issues of our future world.

How you can be involved

Are you passionate about climate change and our future world? You don’t need to be an expert – just have an interest that you’d like to communicate.

  • Do you want to share your interest/research?
  • Do you want to have conversations with the people of Manchester to explore what kind of future they hope for, and what it would take to help make that a reality?
  • Are you interested in public engagement?
  • Are you free for a minimum of a two hour slot between May and September 2016

How to express an interest

If you are part of a research group, organisation or interest groupand are interested in taking part, you can:

  • Go to our google doc to pick your possible timeslot
  • Attend our briefing session on Thursday 5 May 9.30-10am
  • Email Anna Bunney to confirm your interest and request more information.

Other engagement opportunities

As part of Climate Control there are other opportunities to participate in activities for families and adults – please email Anna Bunney if you would like more information about these or other volunteering opportunities in the exhibition.