Great Science Share for Schools 2018

Over 30,000 (WOW!) children across the country have already registered to share their science as part of the Great Science Share for Schools on the 19 June.

The Great Science Share for Schools began in 2016 as part of Manchester’s year as European Capital of Science. It was pioneered, and is run, by SEERIH, the University’s Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub. It’s a unique, annual campaign that places children at the heart of developing and communicating their own scientific questions and investigations. The aim of the campaign is to inspire young people into science and engineering and to raise the profile of the subjects in school. The event is growing exponentially and this year 30,000 young people will take part from across the UK. We’ve also partnered with BBC Terrific Scientific linking with their final investigation ‘Question’.

Here at the University of Manchester, children will be sharing their science in the Whitworth Hall and Manchester Museum on 19 June. They will celebrate science and present investigations to one another. You can watch it live on the University’s YouTube channel. If it’s anything like last year we expect to see a wide range of interesting questions like ‘What is poo made of?’ ‘Do people with longer legs jump further?’, and ‘Can you mend a broken heart?’

The University’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, will be there to open the event, along with University engineer Professor Danielle George, space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, and the new Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor June Hitchen. In addition, we are delighted that scientists from across the University will be answering children’s science questions as part of the Great Twitter-Takeover of the @GreatSciShare account.

The Whitworth event is full however schools can still sign up and carry out a share in their own schools – over 150 schools are doing that and there are 20 satellite events too. If are interested in being involved please go to the Great Science Share for Schools website.

You can also follow the event on twitter by following @GreatSciShare and #GreatSciShare, we’d love it if you tweeted us during the event.