Green Impact Awards 2018

On Wednesday, 7 of November, Whitworth Hall hosted The University of Manchester’s 2018 Green Impact awards ceremony, where the work that Green Impact teams across the University during the last twelve months was recognised and celebrated.

Green Impact is an international environmental behaviour change programme that empowers people to make meaningful changes in their workplace to contribute towards a more sustainable world.

This is the ninth year that the University has taken part in Green Impact and this year saw the largest number of teams and participants to date. Over 100 staff teams from a wide range of departments and locations across the institution were actively working to decrease the environmental impact of their work place activities. Over 4,600 actions were completed by teams over the last 12 months, directly contributing to the University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy. A record 89 awards were handed out at the ceremony making it the most successful Green Impact cycle the University has ever had.

Students play an important role in Green Impact and over the course of the year, 119 students were trained with transferable employability skills in sustainability.

The ceremony also featured a brilliant theatrical performance from the University’s Professor Stephen Scott-Bottoms of “Too Much of Water”, part of a community-focused 3-year inter-disciplinary research project entitled Towards Hydro-Citizenship.

The 2018/19 Green Impact programme will be launching at the start of December, please get in touch at you have any questions about the programme or any other Environmental Sustainability initiatives at the University.