Lessons from lockdown

Policy@Manchester’s Lessons from Lockdown collection bring together articles from researchers from across all three of our Faculties. Looking at the first 100 days of lockdown they put forward policy solutions to help address some of the most pressing challenges likely to be faced in a post-COVID world. Alongside the main collection, three themed articles focus on specific aspects of our future policy landscape:

Value of Human Labour: Lessons from Lockdown looks at considerations of how a post-COVID recovery will require changes to labour, jobs, logistics and more.

Urban Futures: Lessons from Lockdown explores the future of our urban landscapes given the disruption wrought by this pandemic on the way we work, move and socialise.

Digital Futures: Lessons from Lockdown considers how COVID-19 has fast-tracked the digital acceleration of our lives and what the implications for this are in terms of our mental health, cyber security and the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

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