Make a Million via Payroll Giving

Since January 2005 until today, the total figure donated by University staff via our Payroll Giving Scheme has reached £953,993.38. That means we are less than £50k from reaching £1million mark!

We are hoping that by Spring 2019 staff donations reach £1million and we are inviting our staff to spread the happiness leading up to Christmas by joining the University’s Payroll Giving Scheme.

Payroll Giving is considered the best way to support your favourite cause. This is because your chosen charity receives your donation, but also the amount that you’d normally pay in tax at no extra cost to you. Giving this way helps your charity receive regular financial support and helps smaller charities in particular, as many do not have the resource to claim back Gift Aid.

Professor James Thompson, the Vice-President for Social Responsibility said: “This is a phenomenal figure and one that all staff should be proud of. Donations made in this way go to many amazing causes chosen by our staff – but the scheme makes sure the full tax relief possible goes to the charities concerned, boosting the amount and of course the impact of the money.”

Ways to donate via Payroll Giving

  • A regular monthly donation of £10 from your take-home pay to your chosen charity will be automatically boosted to £12.50 for a 20% rate tax payer and £16.66 for a 40% rate tax payer.
  • Make a commitment to donate an hour of your pay each month to your favourite charity.
  • Set up a Charity Account – The CAF Charity Account helps you to put money aside for your charitable giving, and lets you control how and when you choose to support the causes you care about. The funds will be kept safe until you’re ready to donate.

More information

You can sign up or read more information on Payroll Giving.

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