Staff network groups

The University has a number of staff network groups and they are a fantastic way to network with people from all over the University.  Many of the groups also offer confidential support and advisory services from their members to any member of staff.

Staff network groups meet regularly, and all have individual agendas and terms of reference. Issues and successes discussed by our staff networks groups are fed into our EDI Committee and the EDI Forum, both of which meet four times a year.

May is staff networks month in the Univesity’s Diversity Calendar. We have three brilliant EDI blog posts which explain what staff network groups are, what benefits they might bring to individuals and to the entire organisation as well as give examples of successful staff network group activity:

  • Rachel Heyes introduces the topics in a piece “What are Staff Networks?”
  • Gloria Muñoz Romero and Laura Howard explain benefits of joining a staff network: “Making new connections at work – Join a staff network”.
  • Sarah Finn-Sell, Michelle Almeida and Catherine Stull write about: “Parents and carers peer support staff network group and UN Global Day of Parents 2024”.
  • Take a look and share with colleagues.