“Tied the barbecue down, forgot to tie the house down”: Lecturer publishes book on climate action

SoderoLecturer in Climate Change and Health, Dr. Stephanie Sodero, just published her first book: Under the Weather: Reimagining Mobility in the Climate Crisis (McGill-Queen’s University Press). The book is based on her doctoral research which received a Mobile Lives Forum Award.

Stephanie, who is from the coastal city of Halifax in Canada, reflects on the book’s beginnings: “I was walking to work along the waterfront one morning and saw that high tide was mere inches from the top of the wharf, and I thought as climate change brings sea level rise, storm surges and hurricanes, we are in for it. That led to this book which explores how communities can live better with the climate.”

Based on her fieldwork, Stephanie introduces two key concepts, an ecological approach to mobility and climate routing, and five recommendations: revolutionize mobility, prioritize vital mobility, embrace green and blue, rebrand redundancy, and think flex.

Stephanie comments, “The concepts and recommendations I introduce give policymakers, advocates, and academics language and ideas to enact changes in ways that not only protect the climate but buffer communities from increasing disruption caused by severe weather.”

Based at the University’s Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, Stephanie teaches ‘Disaster Mobilities of Climate Change’ and ‘Vital Mobilities: Delivering Healthcare in a Changing Climate.’ She also co-convenes a Mobile Medical Materials working group.

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