Join us live from Manchester Museum to celebrate our Making a Difference Awards

Tue, 20 Apr 2021 07:07:00 BST

Everyone is invited to join Chancellor Lemn Sissay, President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell and other senior staff live online for our University’s Making a Difference Awards for Social Responsibility.

The awards, which recognise and celebrate the social responsibility achievements of the University’s staff, students, alumni and external partners will be held on Wednesday, 12 May, 17:30pm – 19:30.

After a tumultous year, we’re fortunate to be hosting our 2021 awards ceremony live from Manchester Museum, with a range of exciting entertainment in store. So, whoever you are and wherever you’re currently based, why not tune in to join our annual event and help us celebrate the many ways our University community is making a difference?

From creating an eco-friendly clothing range, to protecting Kenyan communities against COVID-19, we will all show our appreciation for the positive impact that our staff, students, alumni and external partners are having on society and the environment.