ISSF PE SkillSharing Programme: Creating Digital Content for Engagement

by | Feb 1, 2021

The next event of the ISSF Skills-Sharing Programme will take place on the 11 February 2021. This session will explore how to create different types of digital content to engage audiences with your work.

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Do you want to find out more about you can design, deliver and evaluate digital approaches to public engagement? Are you looking for new ways to meaningfully engage people in your research or project during COVID-19?

As part of the University-wide Wellcome ISSF Public Engagement funding schemes, we’re launching a new programme of events where you’ll get to hear from researchers, community organisers and public engagement professionals on this topic.

“Creating Digital Content for Engagement” – Feb 11th 2020, 2 pm – 4:30 pm
This session will explore how to create different types of digital content to engage different audiences with research and similar topics. You’ll hear from researchers and public engagement practitioners working with video, social media and podcasts. The training session will be led by an experienced professional and will give you practical insights into creating content that shines online.

Case studies and Q&A (2 pm – 3 pm):

  • Sam Langford, Freelance Science Communicator – Sam will talk about his experience developing and delivering the Global Science Show, a social media event that showcases the work of researchers across the globe.
  • Jemma Naumann, Presenter – Jemma is a science communicator and award winning science demo presenter! Her passion is designing exciting and interactive experiments that young people can do at home. She will give us an insight into videomaking, drawing her experience working on the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures and making her own YouTube videos.
  • Dr Oz Ismail, Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet – Oz is a researcher, comedian and podcaster. He will discuss his experience co-hosting ‘Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet’, which tells compelling and diverse stories, combining science and tech with popular culture and comedy.

Training Session (3 pm – 4:30 pm):
Dr Jamie Gallagher is an award winning public engagement professional. He will deliver a workshop that gives an insight into how you can make your digital engagement project shine online.

What are the accessibility features of this programme?
The events will be held on Zoom, will be captioned and British Sign Language interpreted. We will also record and publish each session at a later date. If there are any other ways we can support your participation, please contact the ISSF Project Manager, Paolo Arru, on

Any more questions about the programme?
Please contact Paolo Arru,

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