The Great Science Share for Schools 2019

Are you interested to support the improvement of children’s attainment and aspiration in STEM subjects?

The Great Science Share for Schools has fast become a leading national campaign to do just this. Having involved over 50,000 young people already across the UK, the 18 June 2019 aims to further extend the quality and reach of the campaign to primary and Key Stage 3 pupils.

Created in Manchester by the Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub (SEERIH) in the Faculty of Science & Engineering this annual campaign uniquely encourages children to take the lead in developing their own scientific questions and investigations. Through their voices and creative forms of communication they actively raise the profile of science in schools and their local communities.

Can you further support the campaigns successes, by?

  • Encouraging young people to communicate their scientific questions and investigations with new audiences.
  • Improving teacher confidence in teaching children to think and work scientifically.
  • Raising the profile of school science, improving the science capital of children and families.

The 2019 campaign officially launched in January, and there are already over 270 registered events around the UK. Early sign-ups are really encouraging, with 40,000 young people already registered to take part.

How can you take part?

  1. Follow us and support schools across the UK through social media: Twitter @GreatSciShare #GreatSciShare
  2. Are you a STEM professional or academic? Take part in the Great Science Share for Schools Spotlight Campaign #AskAQuestion. Complete this survey and share a photo with us, so we can promote the diversity of people working in STEM to pupils around the country.
  3. Promote through your newsletters and networks.
  4. Support a local school to host a Great Science Share for Schools – if you are a parent, governor, grandparent etc. link them up with the campaign and see how you can help.

If you are interested in taking part in the Great Science Share for Schools 2019, or would like to find out more, please email

Information, resources and guidance are available on our website and you can register on our Eventbrite page. Follow us on Twitter: @Greatscishare #GreatSciShare #AskAQuestion