Help disrupted learners be brilliant!

by | Feb 22, 2021

Are you a PhD researcher or doctoral graduate who wants to help a young person realise their academic potential?

With every day of the pandemic, and lockdown, young learners are disrupted. Pupils from underrepresented backgrounds face an even greater education challenge that grows by the day. We need your help now to recruit brilliant tutors to help those disrupted learners.

The Brilliant Club works with PhD students and PhD graduates, who work across three core programmes, from catch-up in key subjects to sharing PhD research to inspire specialist subject learning. With the guidance of the PhDers we work with, over 65,000 learners from underrepresented backgrounds have graduated from our programmes.

The pandemic presents pupils from underrepresented backgrounds with an unprecedented disadvantage reaching further education. A generation of lost learners would have serious implications for university access, so we have pledged to do all we can to support the catch-up effort in schools. We are a National Tutoring Programme approved Tuition Partner and our PhD tutors will be delivering catch-up tutoring to schools through the recently launched Brilliant Tutoring Programme.

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