Public engagement opportunity with school students

by | Sep 5, 2022

Calls are open for the following online school engagement opportunities:

From the I’m History, Get me out of here team – Enrichment activity connecting with historians to learn about historical figures.

In October, give school students the chance to get to know lesser-known historical figures in Black British History through live, text-based Chats as part of I’m History, Get me out of here. I’m History is a student-led online outreach activity. We are looking for people to share the stories of amazing and often-hidden Black British historical figures. Empower school students to revisit British history and gain a deeper understanding of Black British history. The activity is funded by UKRI. Anyone interested should sign up via by 7 September.

From the I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here team – an engagement activity for school students, connecting them with people working in STEM.

This October, take part in flexible online outreach with school students. We’re looking for people working in the creation and re-use of plastics and polymers to take part in our Plastic Zone! The Plastic Zone will run for 4 weeks from the end of September to the end of October and participants are invited to take part as much or as little as their schedule allows. The activity is funded by UKRI and the Royal Society of Chemistry. The activity connects scientists with school students in text-based live Chats that last for 40-minutes. Chats are booked by school teachers for their classes and take place online and throughout the school day. Anyone interested should sign up via by 14 September.