ScienceX is back for 2021!

by | Oct 5, 2021

ScienceX is back for 2021, but with a new home. On 23 & 25 October, this free weekend-long science and engineering festival, organised by the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University, will be held at the Manchester Central Library. With a focus on climate change to tie in with COP26, this event is bursting with fun, exciting activities for families, and is open to all.

At ScienceX, visitors can learn about all about climate, sustainability and the environment. There are plenty of opportunities for families to get hands-on with a whole host of experiments – visitors can make DNA bracelets, build their own electronic car motors, learn about how we design robots to keep humans safe or become a climate-friendly chef for the day.

We want people to come along with their climate questions and through the event, find out how they can make a positive difference in the world. Our friendly scientists and engineers will be there to excite and inspire young environmentalists, campaigners, creative minds and future scientists and engineers.

For those wanting to learn at home, there will also be a whole host of online activities for all ages. Children and families can learn recipes for more sustainable baking, do hands-on experiments from home, or take part in our very own Escape Room. There’s a variety of videos, worksheets and other online resources so that visitors can carry on learning about climate change and sustainability from wherever they are.

Whether visitors come to ScienceX at the Central Library or take part on line, we hope they will feel inspired and empowered to take decisive, positive action and commit to a climate pledge in order to make a difference. This could be a seemingly small action but it will reflect the benefit of ScienceX and the commitment of our communities to having a positive impact on the world around us.

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