Think About It!

by | Feb 4, 2022

This project involved engaging with young Manchester women to explore feminism and their aspirations around education.

Dr Niamh Moore, from the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC), worked collaboratively with Amelia Lee, a local youth worker from ICA-UK. Both wished to address some shared concerns around young women and feminism, albeit in different contexts.

An event was organised for children and young women aged 10-20 years from various local youth clubs. The challenge was how to translate ethnographic research questions into a series of activities which would both be enjoyable for the young women, as well as being a productive learning experience.

The overarching theme for the event was aspirations for education and, by using a mixture of discussion, practical creative group work, and role play, the young women were able to develop and express some of their own thoughts.

The event became a springboard for future collaboration, which included contributing to a project called Feminist Webs, which aims to both capture the vibrant history of feminist youth work in the north-west.

The event contributed to research on the impact age and generation has on forms of participation and engagement. The Culture, Participation and Inequalities’ research cluster within CRESC has also been rethinking the understanding of social participation and public engagement within their research culture.

Top tips

  • Developing this work takes a lot of time and commitment, but is definitely possible and valuable.
  • Work in partnership with community youth workers to share skills and experience.