Yvette Jeal

by | Feb 16, 2022

Visitor Experience Manager, John Rylands Library  

I lead a team who enrich the lives of public visitors to the John Rylands Library bt connecting them to the Special Collections.

We do this in several ways – by warmly engaging visitors through our welcome, shop and programme, and by connecting them with our collections through exhibitions, festival events and collection-based programming.

Public engagement highlights

When our collections have really challenged, engaged or filled our audiences with joy. One example: during our current Women who Shaped Manchester exhibition, women have visited with their daughters to learn together about women’s stories.

We’ve had some wonderful reflection – the most touching being young women being inspired by the stories of strong women in Manchester’s past and sharing that with their mothers and with us.

Best public engagement advice

Start with the audience – understand them, what motivates them, and then work out if and how you can engage them. Keep evaluation simple.