British Science Week 2021 – Take a look at the University’s events, activities and resources

by | Mar 8, 2021

Each year the University runs a number of events to celebrate British Science Week in March. From Monday, 8 to Saturday, 13 March, we’re bringing British Science Week 2021 straight to schools and homes by offering a range of online opportunities to engage with STEM activities for your learners.

Full details here:

You can also follow us on Twitter (@UoMSchools) where we’ll be signposting other STEM activities and resources taking place during British Science Week.

Highlights include:

  • Antibiotic resistance webinar – live with scientists and Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) – a student-university-charity partnership will have two postgraduate research students talking about their research into tackling antibiotic resistance.
  • Biodiscovery – showcasing our research and teaching in the biosciences through a series of online resources including the rare Sylvia’s tree frog here in Manchester; the fruit fly’s role in research; how cells work; a tour of the Firs Botanical Gardens; forensic psychology; how DNA makes us unique and more.
  • Black History Trail – Our Black History Trail student ambassadors will share their own personal journeys into higher education, introducing pupils to a variety of different topics from the degree they’re currently studying to the hidden history and contributions to their subject of people of African and Caribbean heritage.
  • Discover Materials – Explore the materials that are in your everyday life by taking part in our scavenger hunt, have a go at making biomaterials at home, find out what we can learn by breaking materials and the importance of recycling materials.
  • The Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge – a six-week programme designed to inspire 7-14 year olds to learn about the way that engineering makes a difference in our world.
  • The Great Maths Hunt – Discover the hidden mathematical research behind everyday things, find out who mathematicians work with, how they solve problems and where a career in maths may take them.
  • University of Manchester Physics Outreach – chatting to a whole host of students and academics from across Physics and Maths. They’ll be asking them about what they do, what it’s like to work in STEM, and plenty more.

More resources and event details here: