Being Human festival 2022: call for applications now live!

by | Mar 1, 2022

We wanted to let you know that the call for applications to be part of Being Human festival 2022 is now live! This year’s national festival of the humanities will take place 10–19 November, and our theme is ‘Breakthroughs’ — you can read more about it on our blog:

What we’re looking for

A celebration of humanities research through public engagement, Being Human is a place-based festival that emphasises interaction and working with communities outside academia and those less typically engaged with humanities research. Whether digital, hybrid, or in-person, we are on the look out for innovative, participatory, and creative activities that foster genuine, two-way connections with people not usually engaged with academic research. Events should take place off-campus and be designed to facilitate mutual learning between researchers and publics. Read more about our work and priorities here:


There are four ways to get involved in the festival: 

  1. Small Awards: apply to Being Human for funding of up to £2,000 to enable activities (deadline: 5pm, Friday 29 April)
  2. Hub Awards: apply for a larger institutional grant of £2,000–£5,000 to coordinate multiple activities as a Festival Hub (deadline: 5pm, Friday 29 April)
  3. Open Call: organise an activity that does not require funding from us (deadline: 5pm, Friday 24 June)
  4. Being Human Cafés: a simple ‘off-the-shelf’ format for an activity that does not require funding from us (deadline: 5pm, Friday 26 August)

Further details, and answers to some frequently asked questions are available on our website:


We have a range of toolkits and case studies available on our website, which we encourage prospective applicants to refer to before applying. We have just published a new toolkit on online engagement, too!

Applying to Being Human 2022 webinar

You can find out more about applying to the festival at our webinar ‘Applying to Being Human 2022’ taking place on Wednesday 16 March, 11:00–12:00. Find out more and sign up here:

Posted on behalf of Rose de Lara, Communications Officer, Being Human festival.