Call for researchers to join community engagement scheme

by | Jul 13, 2022

The British Science Association has announced a call for researchers to join our community engagement scheme, the Community Buddy programme.

For the last seven years, the BSA has been building a community engagement portfolio through a series of programmes, workshops, and grant schemes. Community organisers have told us that they rarely have access to researchers. As such, we are looking for researchers that live in specific areas to connect with our existing group of Community Leaders, who have an established record of delivering high-quality, impactful science engagement with the BSA.

We are looking for a researcher to match with our Community Leader based in Oldham which is why I’m reaching out to you. Perhaps in your network you know some researchers who may be interested in this scheme?

To be a Community Buddy, we ask that, researchers:

  • Live locally to one of our 2021-22 Community Leaders;
  • Be a researcher actively linked to a university or research institution;
  • Attend one half-day online introductory session in September of 2022;
  • Commit to meeting with your buddy at least six times between September 2022 – March 2023;
  • Take part in a ‘community of practice’ to share your experience with other buddy pairs in three online sessions during the programme and one in-person meeting in London in March 2023;
  • Set aside any pre-determined agendas when you first meet and be open to developing any outcomes together using a relational mindset.

The full details of the Community Buddy scheme can be found in our recent Call for Community Buddies news piece, including the link to an Expression of Interest Form which is open until Monday 18 July 2022.